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The 20th Century is very rich because it includes many artistic movements.

First, the early 20th Century was marked by Fauvism, an art movement characterized among other things by the use of bright colors and lack of depth. Essentially French, this movement includes artists such as Derain and Matisse. It will be followed by Cubism, also French, whose artists decided to abandon perspective as it was used during the Renaissance, but also color.

Cubism also saw the emergence of materials pasted on canvas. Picasso, Braque and Leger figured among the artists of Cubism.

Elsewhere in Europe, other artistic movements appeared: Expressionism in Germany in reaction to Impressionism, powered by painters such as Nolde or Klee, but also Futurism in Italy, which relies on the decomposition of forms and colors to include movement, as illustrated for example by Boccioni and Carrà, and Dadaism, marked by the reuse and the collage of industrial objects in the works.

Abstract art, meanwhile, marked the first half of the 20th Century by his willingness to translate emotions through free shapes and colors, as it can be seen in the paintings of Kandinsky. Abstract art created a second stream, Abstract expressionism, resulting in the use of geometric shapes as did Pollock and Kooning.

At the same time appeared Surrealism, a kind of representation of the world of dreams, using realistic figures to denounce illusions. Dali, Ernst and Magritte were some representatives of Surrealism.

The second half of the 20th Century saw the emergence of new artistic movements such as Pop art represented by the famous Warhol, who refused individual expression, New realism, which advocated a return to reality or even Land art characterized by working with and into nature.

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