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The Renaissance saw the emergence of new artistic techniques influenced by Antiquity. The same is true for painting, which use the rules of perspective, the technique of illumination, all based mainly on religious themes.

It is first of all Italy which revolutionized painting during the Renaissance. Painters such as Da Vinci, Caravaggio or even Raphael contributed to the input of new techniques, but other European artists, such as Van Eyck, Bruegel or even Cranach have also contributed to the revival of painting.

During the Renaissance appeared new techniques: firstly, wood has been replaced by canvas as more economical, and the easel appeared. Da Vinci developed the technique of sfumato, which creates a dreamy effect and can be used to give depth to the work. The background of "Mona lisa" is an example of this technique. Renaissance also marked the appearance of chiaroscuro, as epitomized by "The calling of saint matthew" painted by Caravaggio.

The Renaissance was also the period during which appeared the nude, reflecting the understanding of the nature and the human body. Artists such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci knew how to respect proportions of the human body, as can be seen for example in Da Vinci’s "Venus of the Rocks".

The artists also incorporated techniques and scenes of Antiquity and painted sceneries full of details, like in Raphael’s "The school of Athens", which also shows the use of linear perspective by other artists of the Renaissance, expressing the position of the spectator who is outside the painting.

Finally, the Renaissance saw the appearance of frescos in churches, like "The last supper" painted by Da Vinci or "Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto" by Caravaggio. Michelangelo is also known for the many paintings he has made in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican.

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