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Terms and conditions of subscription
Updated: 23/01/2015 10:38

Any purchase of a subscription on the website www.themuseumchannel.tv (hereinafter the site) in any form whatsoever implies the of these terms and conditions of subscription and the terms and conditions of use and participation they complement.

Membership is restricted to adults.

No subscription can be purchased in the name and on behalf of a company. The subscription is personal, limited and subject to only one concurrent connection per terminal (computer, connected TV, tablet).

It is your responsibility to have access to the Internet prior to your subscription and check the seamless availability of such access. The service provided by the company MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv)cannot be construed as a provision of Internet access.

Article 1: the commercial offer

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) offers to subscribe on this website to its pay and encrypted television service available on computer, connected TV and tablet.

A subscription on the site is exclusive of any subscription to the Museum channel via cable, satellite or IPTV provider. A subscription to the channel does not grant free access to the same content on  TheMuseumChannel.tv or any of the Museum applications.

Prices are quoted in Euros or Yens, including taxes and all subscriptions are payable only in Euros or Yens.

Before subscribing to any offer, you are prompted to ensure the suitability of your hardware configuration and its speed (xDSL, 3G ...) for the subscription you wish to subscribe.

Article 2: validation of the subscription

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) grants you a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days to cancel your subscription. This period starts on the day of the bank transaction. Any request for cancellation must be notified using the form provided for that purpose. After this time, no refund will be made.

When subscribing, you are prompted to choose the subscription you want and enter your personal information which you agree that they are correct and to determine your login (email / password ). Then on the next page to choose your payment method and accept these terms and conditions of subscription.

- Payment by PayPal (credit card using PayPal / PayPal account) directly on the site

You warrant that your are the holder of the card / PayPal account used for the transaction and that you have the required permission to use this payment method.

Transactions are managed by PayPal. MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) is not informed of the bank / PayPal account details necessary for the transaction. Security of financial transactions is guaranteed by the use of encryption protocol of the company "PayPal". A confirmation screen will be displayed. You must make a printout of the document to keep references of the transaction. A confirmation email will be sent also.

Article 3: obligations

You agree to comply with all of these provisions and not to infringe the rights of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv).

You are solely responsible for the use of your login (email / password), MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) cannot be held liable for any fraudulent use of these identifiers. Any communication made of these identifiers will be deemed made by you and at your own risk.

Your access codes allow you to identify yourself, log on to our site or applications and enjoy your chosen subscription. These access codes  are personal and valid within the limits of one simultaneous connection per terminal (computer, connected TV, tablet).

In case of loss or theft of your access codes, it is your responsibility to apply for new ones using the form provided for that purpose. MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) will do its best to restore your login, during working hours ie Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (GMT +1). MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) is only bound by an obligation of means.

You agree not to disseminate the contents of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) by any means whatsoever and with any public whatsoever. In the event of illegal distribution of video and audio materials, you expose yourself to prosecution on the basis of French law for infringement, parasitism or unfair competition, among others charges.

Article 4: responsibilities

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) agrees to take uphold these general terms of subscription with the standard level of diligence it its industry.

In no event shall the company MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) be held liable for force majeure events.

The term force majeure encompasses strikes, server maintenance encryption and delivery, natural disasters, destruction by lightning, power outages, war, public order disturbances, weather, or deteriorating lines communication network, overloading of IP networks, social conflict and more generally all cases of force majeure recognized by the legislation and jurisprudence of French courts.

The responsibility of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) cannot be claimed in the following cases:

- poor signal reception due to an incompatibility video software or hardware to your device (computer, connected TV, tablet),
- poor signal reception and video / audio due to failures or malfunctions of the Internet in the transmission of data by your service provider,
- total or partial unavailability of links of your Internet service provider,
- poor quality of reception due to a deficit of your useful bandwidth,
- failure to comply with these terms of subscription for yourself,
- interference alters the distribution of satellite communications.

Article 5: intellectual property

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) offers access to contents on a pay and encrypted basis. Any free (and / or unencrypted) distribution of the contents available on TheMuseumChannel.tv and on the Museum applications will cause harm to MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv).

The release, rental, sale or resale of media material containing extracts of unlawful programs of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) or programs from the documentary fund of another partner are constitutive of forgery and concealment.

The access that is granted to you upon subscription to an offer entails that it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, copy, extract all or part of the programs available. By subscribing, you only have an individual right of viewing. Copy in any program on any media whatsoever, without prior written consent of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) constitutes an infringement offense.

Article 6: termination

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) may, in its sole discretion and without notice, immediately terminate your subscription without any possible claim for any damages and / or refunds on your part, in the following cases:

- breach of any provision of these terms and conditions of subscription,
- if you use your subscription to harm MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) or third parties,
- providing false information about you.

Article 7: data Protection

Under Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data and privacy, if you have filed your personal information on this site, you have the right to oppose, access and correction of your data. To exercise this right you must make a specific request using the form provided for that purpose.

Article 8: review

Readers are reminded that any amendment affecting the terms and conditions of membership do not affect the subscriptions already made by subscribers on the date of the change.

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) reserves the right at any time and discretion to make changes to these terms and conditions of sales. Only in case of major changes (prices. ..), you will be informed by pop-up on the website and e-mail at least 30 calendar days in advance.

Any purchases after online posting of changes means that you accept those changes. If you do not agree, you should no longer use the site and close your account and cancel your subscription.

Article 9: applicable Law

These general conditions of membership are subject to French law. In case of dispute, the commercial court of Lille will have sole jurisdiction.

If any provision of these terms and conditions of subscription shall be unlawful, void or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed severable from other provisions herein and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of remaining provisions.

MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv)cannot be held liable for damages of any kind, whether tangible or intangible, which may result from the misuse of the subscription purchased. Responsibility of MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv)) will be in any event, limited to the amount of the subscription purchased.

Article 10: queries

Any request for further clarifications regarding the application of these terms and conditions of subscription should be addressed to MEDIART (The Museum Channel / TheMuseumChannel.tv) using the form provided for that purpose.

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